“Fake Banksy” fools countless New Yorkers, selling them “inauthenticity guaranteed” Banksy forgeries. LANCE PILGRIM / FAKEBOOKFRIENDS.COM

We wonder: if “Fake Banksy” came to D.C., would we be fooled into making a purchase? Considering a lot of the city barely flinched when a renowned concert violinist took to the streets back in 2007, it seems we might not even stop to buy art from the real Banksy. (Which, come to think of it, New Yorkers also failed to do last week.) See? New York and D.C. aren’t so different after all. Except we have Blog Log and they don’t.

OK, let’s end this awkward silence and get into it. Besides street art, today we talk pickles, console dollarnaires, give a quick side-eye to a new list and ready ourselves for Halloween.

“Each canvas even came with a legally notarized ‘Certificate of Inauthenticity,’ claiming that what they bought was not an original Banksy.” — Dave Cicirelli at fakebookfriends.com describes an art stand he and his friends set up to “make a statement about the nature of hype, public personas, and the value of art.” The group replicated a stand that the street artist Banksy set up last week in New York City, and sold near-identical paintings. The only difference, writes Cicirelli, is that each one was signed “Fake Banksy.” They sold out. Real Banksy did not.

“This is truly a great day for $9 jars of cruelty-free artisanal pickles.” — commenter monkeyrotica at dcist.com reacts with a zinger to unconfirmed news that a Whole Foods will open in D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood. While the upscale grocery store has yet to make an official announcement, Urban Turf, a local real-estate blog, says people can expect a formal press release sometime in November. This would be the first Whole Foods in D.C. to open outside of the Northwest quadrant, where there are four.

“if y’all really getting rid of the dollar menu I wish death upon you” — @spyda_man420 takes the news pretty hard after McDonald’s announced it plans to replace its “Dollar Menu” with the “Dollar Menu & More” starting Nov. 4. The move, according to Advertising Age magazine, will keep some things at the dollar mark, while adding pricier items to the value menu, including a 20-piece McNuggets for around $5. Phew. No one’s getting a death wish after all.

“Our bad: DC is on the list, but with Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL when there are so many better options. So. Many.” — @Politics_Prose, the Twitter account of one of the region’s most renowned book sellers, Politics and Prose, comments on a list composed by Business Insider. The list compiled “The Most Famous Book Set in Every State.” But before we all go bananas, let’s just agree that “most famous” does not necessarily equal “best.”

“It seems Columbia Heights isn’t into the Halloween spirit this year.” — Andrew W at newcolumbiaheights.blogspot.com makes an observation about his neighborhood’s lack of holiday spirit. He admits he might be part of the problem, noting that his home’s seasonal decor is also lacking. But he vows to rectify it before Halloween, saying he’ll “get some skeletons and stuff, as well as lots of candy.”

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