Halloween celebrations are officially upon us. This weekend D.C. partygoers relished the opportunity to dress up while drinking. We saw Macho Man hob-knobbing with Kenny Powers, a bevy of troll dolls with hair that looked like cotton candy dancing with a terrifying rendition of Heath Ledger’s joker, and, of course, Edward Snowden pumping the keg while Carlos Danger poured beer for the struggling site. (This is D.C., after all.)

And so, to continue the celebrations, we’re dressing up this Blog Log with some All Hallow’s Eve-themed entries. Let’s crush this proverbial candy, shall we?

“When I think of Breaking Bad’s arid desert milieu, I don’t really think of ice skating.” — Kirk Hamilton at admits he was skeptical about “Breaking Ice,” an ice-dancing version of the popular AMC drama “Breaking Bad.” After viewing it, however, Hamilton says he was pleasantly surprised. The show was put together by “Breaking Bad” assistant editor Sharidan Williams-Sotelo. Consider that level-up costume inspiration for any potential Heisenbergs out there.

“Now there’s a new source of Halloween-related anxiety: the punny Twitter handle.” — Connor Simpson at explains a new Internet meme — people changing their Twitter display names to something Halloween related. For instance, Buzzfeed sports writer Erik Malinowski, changed his display name to AHHHHHrik Malinowski. That said, until Halloween, please refer to us as the Washington Ghost Express. (Please don’t close your browser…)

“I, for one, welcome our new Mathematical overlords.” — commenter damnsalvation at riffs off an interview with Simon Singh, a Cambridge-trained physicist, who says that “The Simpsons” is rife with math jokes. The reason, he says, is that many of the writers hold Ph.D.s in mathematics. Trick or trigonometreat?

“You might expect that this drill would be different on Halloween in the most celebrated Satanic household of the 70s, but Halloween was the same old same old.” — Zeena Schreck at recalls her family’s view of Halloween. Schreck, daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, writes about growing up in a Satan-worshiping household in San Francisco, where her family never celebrated the holiday; instead, they spent the night staving off vandals at their all-black-painted house. In 1990, Schreck renounced Satanism and now enjoys Halloween. Well, that’s nice.

“The thought of even a prosaic bathroom trip sans smartphone can cause separation anxiety, with symptoms like trembling, sweating, and nausea.” — Clint Rainey at describes “Nomophobia,” the condensed version of “no-mobile-phone phobia,” which, studies say, is a real thing. Research shows that up to 66 percent of people suffer from separation anxiety when away from their smartphones. In the worst cases, people may actually have physical symptoms, such as trembling, sweating and nausea. Now, that’s scary…

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