Continuing the seasonal theme of the week, Halloween, we’ve got one of the scariest items we’ve ever posted. It’s about bacon. And we apologize ahead of time. But hey, we don’t write delicious, fatty, cooked-till-crisp slabs of porcine wonder Internet, we just dissect them. Onward!

“Good article. It’s important that we keep scaring people with as many things as possible.” — commenter Greibe at sarcastically reacts to an essay that outlines several hidden dangers in our homes — common items that have been linked to various cancers, reproductive issues and metabolic disorders. Among the items to avoid: receipts, cans, nonstick pans and, sadly, bacon. Alas, we can take some comfort in knowing that before it lends itself that bevy of disorders, it’ll probably clog our arteries first. Sigh.

“Well, here’s still hoping that Netflix is smart enough to avoid the whole ‘squeeze it for all its worth’ method that so many of us hate about broadcast television networks.” — redditor Professional_Fart at worries about the fate of “House of Cards,” the hit series starring Kevin Spacey that Netflix just renewed for a third season (though fans of the show are still waiting for the second season). Also, “Professional_Fart,” nice one on the name. We can only hope that’s also your Halloween costume.

“It is not clear why black cats are often the least adopted, but superstition probably has a lot to do with it.” — Jamie M. Rogers at guesses why black cats tend to have the hardest time finding homes. To counter those perceptions, Rogers reports, the Fairfax County Animal Shelter hosted a special adoption event last weekend that showcased their dark-haired animals.

“This list is an embarrassment. Salt bagels are just pretzels. This list was made by a bagel hater.” — commenter Dan Blondell@twitter at disagrees with writer Alex Balk’s ranking of bagel flavors. From least-liked to most-liked, Balk prefers: plain, whole wheat, egg, rye, sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, everything, pumpernickel and salt. No cinnamon raisin, eh? What are your thoughts? Tweet us @WaPoExpress.