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The best new reality-show character is Victoria Edwards.

Sixty-ish Victoria, above, is the daughter of former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, 86, who served four terms in the state house and 81⁄2 years in the big house for bribery and extortion. The show is “The Governor’s Wife” (10 p.m. Sundays on A&E). Edwin married his prison pen pal, the ditzy Trina, 35, who is now Victoria’s stepmother.

Victoria’s hair is a helmet of darkness. Blood-red lipstick coats her slash mouth. Her eyeshadow is in- spired by “The Walking Dead.” An electronic cigarette dangles from her lip. She wears culottes. “Cof- fee and cigarettes, it’s gonna be a good morning,” is how she starts the day.

Irked that Edwin and Trina want a baby — one more heir to share Dad’s estate — she declares: “I have not been this pissed off since I started my medication.”

Baby-sitting Trina’s sons from a previous marriage, she asks, “You don’t have any once-a-cat?” (At least that’s what it sounded like to me.) I don’t know what she wants BUT SHE REALLY WANTS IT. When the boys say no, she goes: “Could you ask around?”

I’m watching next week to find out if she gets some.