Joseph Price performs in “Operating System.” (Fringe) Joseph Price performs in “Operating System.” (Fringe)

Summer Fringe attendees: We hope you kept your buttons, because the 13-play fallFRINGE Festival starts Friday. (Fringe virgins: The buttons — the pin-on kind — grant discounts to all Fringe shows.) Seven sell-outs from summer join six new productions for a characteristically weird lineup. Here are three brand-new offerings.

‘Operating System’
Joseph Price’s 2011 Fringe play, “e-Geaux,” employed the audience’s Facebook data in a send-up of app development and hype. This time, he invades his own privacy to see what his online data says about his inner self.

‘The Immortal Jellyfish’
A scientist loses his best friend and becomes obsessed with eradicating death using jellyfish genes. The play shares DNA with the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, a king who also sought eternal life. (He failed.)

‘He Smokes With Mirrors’
We don’t know a lot about this one, other than it’s firmly in the avant-garde. Clues: There’s puppetry, but it’s not for kids. The writer/director is “Not a Robot Theatre Co.” And the description, “I don’t always know what I see. I don’t always see what is there. And sometimes I see what is not,” sounds like Yoda wrote it. Holly J. Morris (Express)

Fort Fringe, 607 New York Ave. NW; Fri.-Nov. 17, showtimes vary, $20 per show, $15 with one-time purchase of 2013 Fringe button ($7); 866-811-4111, (Mt Vernon Sq)