If you thought the passing of Halloween meant the end of nightmarish images, view that photo to your left. Yep, we’re kicking off this this T.G.I.F. (minus the Oreo mudslide) version of  Blog Log with the creepiest-looking sports mascot ever, before launching into a quip about a man punching a shark in the face, learning the startling amount of money the average D.C. dweller will pay for an engagement ring and, finally, assessing the danger of the National Zoo’s big-headed panda getting her noggin stuck between her den’s bars. O, the humanity!

“Excellent. I always have thought more children should cry at professional basketball games.” — commenter Cletus Van Damme at jokes about “Pierre the Pelican,” the new — and slightly terrifying — mascot unveiled this week by New Orleans’ NBA team. At the end of last season, the basketball franchise changed its name from the Hornets to the Pelicans. (What do you think is the creepiest element of Pierre the Penguin? Send us your thoughts @WaPoExpress and they may show up in Monday’s Blog Log.)

“Yew, the thought that a bull shark might have the hots for me would be good reason to leave the water.” — commenter sixsixsix at reacts to a story about a marine biologist who claims to have punched a shark while scuba diving to deter it from harming him. The marine biologist, Ben Ruttenberg of California Polytechnic State University, jokes at the end of his story that perhaps the shark mistook him for another sea creature and was coming on to him. Dude’s got a bigger head than the panda!

“I am calling cultural differences and using a plain golden ring as it’s my country’s [custom]. Of course, when I find a fiancee.” — Redditor coredump777 at responds to a local blog’s claims that the average amount of money a D.C. resident spends on an engagement ring is $7,800. Coredump777 says he is from Brazil and plans to follow his country’s tradition by purchasing a simple gold band that his future fiancee will wear on her right hand while engaged and switch to her left hand when married. Maybe his fiancee can be that love-lorn shark?

“He can do it if he puts his head to it! I have faith!” — commenter red_greenlight1 at replies to an update from the National Zoo about the size of its 9-week-old panda cub’s head compared to the panda den’s bars, which sit 8.3 centimeters apart. The zoo provided measurements after several panda-cam watchers asked whether it was possible for the cub (who is actually a “she”) to get her head stuck between the bars. Zoo officials assured the public that it is not. Phew. Crisis averted. Have a good weekend.