The Internet gods are smiling upon us these days. First, a vintner is attempting to can wine. (Will canned wine be better than boxed win? Only time will tell…) Then we learn Lay’s is making our health even worse in the tastiest possible way. Denver’s lifeless mascot recovered. And FIREBALLS! This week is going to be all right.

“Once open, these can’t be resealed, and at 13% alcohol, 1 can of wine is roughly equivalent to 2-3 cans of beer. I don’t see this as a good thing.” — commenter Andrew at disagrees with an Oregon-based winery that is attempting to can its wine like beer. The owners of Union Wine Co. came up with the plan about a year ago as a way to rebrand their company. Union Wine is currently working on prototypes. (For the record, we also don’t recommend drinking a whole six-pack.)

“Rocky turned out to be OK. The conditions of the little Nuggets fans who saw a seemingly dead Rocky at midcourt are unknown, though.” — Samer Kalaf at summarizes one of the most bizarre — and scary — entrances a sports mascot has ever made. Rocky, the mascot of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, was motionless as he was lowered from the ceiling on a wire Friday as fans looked on. The man inside the costume had fainted. Rocky later tweeted to fans that he was OK. Still no word on the children, however…

“is it weird that this makes me proud to be an american?” — commenter iduncare at expresses patriotism after Lay’s announced late last week that it would release a chocolate-covered potato chip. While new to a wider market, chocolate-covered potato chips have long been a mainstay in several independent candy shops. (Also? USA! USA! USA!)

“So, that’s watt happened?” — redditor DavidARay at jokes about a video that went viral this weekend after a storm passed through Montreal and knocked down power lines, causing an electrical fireball to travel through the air. No one was hurt by the fireball (not pictured), which many believe was caused by a faulty breaker. Or… magic?