(Mike Coppola/Getty Images) (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Lil’ Kim, above, may be 4-foot-11, but she’ll always be a giant of hip-hop. She came up with Biggie and Puff Daddy. Her 1996 debut album, “Hard Core,” was the highest-charting debut for a female rapper in its day.

Her last full-length was back in 2005, and the long-awaited “Hard Core 2K13” was supposed to drop on Halloween. Instead, we got a weird dancehall track, “Dead Gal Walking.”

We also got Miley Cyrus dressed up like Kim from back in the day. This double shot depressed me. Is Lil’ Kim a Halloween costume now? Like Cher, an indisputable but distant legend?

This past weekend, Kim also unexpectedly released the video for her next single, “Looks Like Money.” To my joy, she actually raps.

She opens with a dis to Nicki Minaj (whom she’s hated since she rolled up on the scene in a pink wig) and Minaj’s label: “Cash Money’s so last year/ Gotta pay me in gold.” She totters in front of a Rolls and a Bentley covered in stacks of money, drinking rosé. She makes a Monica Lewinsky joke. She’s got money, smells like money. Et cetera.

It’s a very convincing throwback to her heyday. I’m just not sure whether it’s intentional.