In “Dallas Buyers Club,” out Friday, Matthew McConaughey plays a Texas electrician who battles pharmaceutical giants, the FDA and prejudice after he’s diagnosed with HIV. It’s another in a series of movies about the state and the people with which you should not mess.

‘Friday Night Lights’
In the 2004 film that spawned one of TV’s best dramas, Billy Bob Thornton plays a coach in a football-obsessed Texas town. Even Yankees start using “y’all” and drinking Lone Star after seeing this one.

‘No Country for Old Men’
The Coen brothers caught the beauty of the Lone Star State’s landscape in this 2007 film, along with the quiet strength of native son Tommy Lee Jones, who played a small-town sheriff. Also, there’s a psycho involved, but that’s not Texas’ fault.

The 1956 classic tells the story of how many ranchers went from raising Texas longhorns to discovering Texas tea (oil, that is) and therefore had a lot more money to spend on cowboy hats and cool boots.

‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’
Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds star in this 1982 musical about a bordello struggling to stay afloat in a world where politicians gain votes by denouncing brothels (when they’re not visiting them).

‘Old Yeller’
It’s OK, kid! Your father might be on a cattle drive, but you have your faithful dog for company! And that’s a love that’ll last a long, long … hey, kid. Where are you going with that gun?