Cat ladies get a bad rap. Sure, maybe they suffer from taxoplasmosis, which, yes, may make them slightly erratic, but these people do a great public service. Our streets might be literally covered with cats without cat ladies! Think about how hard it would be to get to Joe Biden’s house, or buy some gaudy holiday trinkets or get up to New York to see the “Big Bone Room.” At least it’d still be easy to read Blog Log.

Your mother is going to drink a bottle of Chardonnay and admit she’s concerned you’re going to get a second cat and sit in your one bedroom apartment watching How I Met Your Mother reruns alone for the rest of your life.” — Suzie Robb at warns the world that “nesting season,” during which many singletons will long to share cold nights with another person, has arrived. More annoyingly, Robb writes, it’s the season when nosy relatives also start doling out love advice you never asked for. What’s the craziest thing someone’s ever said to you about being single? Tweet us @WaPoExpress.

“ ‘This is just like Disney World,’ I commented to the man standing behind me, who agreed.” — Lollipop Goldstein at describes the night she went to a breast cancer awareness event at Vice President Joe Biden’s abode and had to wait in lengthy lines to get in. Goldstein says the lines were more than worth it, though, because she got to meet the vice president face to face.

“Nothing says Christmas more than a wreath of garish ornaments.” — blogger Jason at takes stock of the latest holiday decorations to hit the shelves of local stores. He says he is not a fan of most of them. Even more troublesome to Jason, however, was the scant selection of half-price Halloween candy left over on Nov. 1.

“The most interesting room in the American Museum of Natural History is one you’ll never see.” — Leslie Horn at recalls her trip to what she calls the “Big Bone Room” in New York City’s American Museum of Natural History. The room boasts what Horn deems, “arguably the largest and most important collection of mammal bones in the world.” Luckily, instead of just bragging, Gizmodo also posts pictures.