Feeling old yet? Wu-Tang’s “Enter the Wu-Tang (The 36 Chambers)” turned 20 on Saturday. MICHAEL LAVINE

We’re not sure how to feel when we learn one of the best hip hop albums of our generation is older than most college students. But, we’ll deal with it, and not just by listening to “C.R.E.A.M.” on repeat for 48 hours straight. But also by surfing the Web. After all, Cache Rules Everything Around Me, right? Right…

“I remember buying the cassette tape the day it came out. Don’t have the tape anymore but still bang that CD in my Benz to this day.” — commenter Dyrmakr at xxlmag.com celebrates the 20th anniversary of “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” on Saturday, perhaps, in a luxury automobile. That prolific debut album by the Wu-Tang Clan vaulted the group’s numerous members — including The RZA, The GZA and Method Man — to legendary hip-hop status when it came out on Nov. 9, 1993. Blog Log Extra: Who’s your favorite Wu-Tang member and why? Let us know by tweeting @WaPoExpress.

“In the United States, the lonely have Reddit and cats. In China, they have Singles’ Day, which falls on Nov. 11 — 11.11, the four ones symbolizing ‘bare branches,’ Chinese slang for bachelors.” — Liz Carter at blog.foreignpolicy.com describes a holiday in China that has traditionally been celebrated by singles declaring their love to their crushes. But as of 2010, Carter says, the holiday has become better known as “Double 11,” a shopping holiday akin to Cyber Monday in the United States, with products on sale that are specifically marketed to singles, including — and we kid you not — full-body “boyfriend pillows.” How do you say TMI in Chinese?

“Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s on life support and I’ve just completed an experiment that doesn’t bode well for its future.” — Dylan Love at businessinsider.com discusses the time he spent a week on OKCupid, an online dating site, posing as a female. After setting up his faux-female profile, he says his inbox was bombarded with messages “bursting with weirdness …” Just move to China and get a full-body boyfriend pillow…

“The One Where Ross and Rachel are on a Barack” — commenter chickendancer at defamer.gawker.com comes up with a pun-tastic title for a “Friends” episode should a reunion ever happen, wherein President Barack Obama would make a cameo appearance. Rumors began circulating this weekend of a “Friends” reunion episode featuring the president when the show’s creator Marta Kauffman announced she’d be hosting a Democratic fundraising dinner on Nov. 26.

“Reading something purely for love is no longer a scalable business model; it’s simply too easy to gin up hate, which is why everyone’s doing it.” — Daniel D’Addario at salon.com wonders how purposefully posting highly argumentative ideas, aka trolling, became the go-to method of obtaining profitability on the Web. D’Addario sites the popular Thought Catalog blog as an example, noting in a not-so-un-trollish way, himself, that it “sits at the intersection of the hauteur of the young and the privilege of the wealthy” and is “close to objectively bad.” OK, we’ll bite. Let’s all click over to hate-read Thought Catalog now.