Chris Hemsworth as Thor, above, would surely beat Ben Affleck as Batman, but definitely not Christian Bale or Adam West (obviously). JAY MAIDMENT / MARVEL STUDIOS

All men are created equal, but all superheroes sure aren’t. Plus, who wants to go to a “Hunger Games” theme park? Hmm, it seems we have no volunteers… Also, this Blog Log covers Ms. Cyrus (we had to by Internet law), some good news for Amazon Prime users and the hottest sweet of the year. Literally.

“No comic book superhero has had more cinematic outings than Batman, and so it follows that no comic book superhero has had better luck at the box office than him either.” — Adam B. Vary at ranks the most successful box-office superheroes of all time in the wake of the premiere of “Thor: The Dark World.” The film made an estimated $86.1 million on its opening weekend, yet Thor ranks only seventh on Vary’s list. (Yes, Batman is No. 1… for now.) Do you agree? Let us know here in the comments or tweet us @WaPoExpress.

“Experience what it’s like to live in District 12 in this dimly lit chamber where you are given three crackers every eight hours.” — Josh Duboff at dreams up a possible attraction for a “Hunger Games” theme park. Duboff says Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer hinted last week about the possibility of a park based on the popular book and movie franchise, which follows children as they fight to the death on live TV for the amusement of the upper class. Let’s up Feltheimer was kidding.

“Her bit offends me not because it’s edgy or because it’s bad for the kids, it’s because it’s the most obvious of obviously obvious things that ever obvioused.” — commenter JohnMcClanesSmirk at critiques Miley Cyrus’ latest antics in Amsterdam. While accepting an award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Cyrus pulled out what looked like a joint and lit it.

“Eventually, Amazon and Netflix will buy out USPS’ entire operation.”— commenter CJ_Scudworth at reacts to news that Amazon struck a deal with the U.S. Postal Service to commence Sunday delivery to Amazon Prime members. The service is only available in Los Angeles and New York, but Amazon says it will soon expand.

“The evil part of my brain wants to buy these and replace the peppermint ones my family eats … sit back and watch the mayhem.” — commenter Naomi Godwin at is thinking about buying a box of Sriracha-flavored candy canes. A box of 12 costs $7.99, but the look on relatives’ faces when they try them? Priceless.