Nurses are not happy with MTV’s new reality show “Scrubbing In” (10 p.m. Thursdays), which follows “traveling nurses” who head from Pittsburgh to California for healin’ and swingin’. The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists wants the series canceled: “This program portrays nurses in a disrespectful and unfair light for purely salacious purposes … and may harm efforts to encourage young people to enter the profession.”

I assume the association is not happy with the popping of a cork off a champagne bottle so it ricochets off a nurse’s butt.

But I believe “Scrubbing In” will in fact encourage young people to aspire to nursehood. Here’s why:

A nurse’s knowledge of anatomy comes in handy. Out for a night of drinking, the nurses put straws up their noses but soon realize the proper orifice for imbibing is the mouth.

Nurses can speak dolphin language. Watch the scene in episode one in which two nurses communicate exclusively in high-pitched squeals.

Nurses routinely get to say medical things as if they were on an episode of “Gray’s Anatomy”: “He’s going to lose that foot big-time.”