Both the glorious beard and photo are courtesy of Eric Brooks. Both the glorious beard and photo are courtesy of Eric Brooks.

Will there be a more Blog-Log-worthy item than the beard you see to your left? We’re not sure. But we’ll try with blurbs on too-fancy milkshakes, school bus colors, like, Valley Girl accents and — the subject dearest to our hearts — getting a buzz on without that pesky headache. In moderation, of course.

“This moment in facial hair history is definitely not brought to you by Gillette.” — Ian Oland at describes the beard worn by a Capitals fan during a game against the Denver Colorado Avalanche in Colorado Denver on Sunday. The fan, Eric Brooks, shaped and dyed his beard into a figure eight, the number that captain Alex Ovechkin wears on his jersey.

“For $500 (and tax? Is there tax?) that milkshake better bring all manner of man and beast to my yard.” — Laura Beck at comments on a plan by one Los Angeles restaurant to serve a $500 milkshake. The milkshake, reports food blog Eater L.A., will include edible gold, Belgian chocolate and a souvenir Swarovski crystal ring, which, for safety’s sake, will hopefully be served on the side …

“One of these standards was school buses should be ‘national school bus glossy yellow.’ ” — Emily Upton at investigates why school buses in the United States are yellow. The color didn’t become universal until 1974, but the idea originated in 1939, when a group of transportation officials from across the nation met to discuss school bus standards.

“We’re sure if ‘Valley Girl’ was an option that like, totally would’ve won.” — Jessica Roy at dissects a new survey conducted by dating site that ranked the “sexiness” of various American accents. With 36.5 percent of the vote, the Southern accent was deemed the most sexy, followed by New York with 16.5 percent. Mid-Atlantic accents, meanwhile, brought up the rear with just 4 percent of the vote.

“Drunk without the hangover. Meh. Let me know when they have drunk without the arsehole. Now THAT’S impressive.” — commenter Strollinby at shrugs at research that suggests there may soon be a hangover-free way to enjoy an alcohol-fueled buzz. David Nutt, a professor of psychopharmacology at Imperial College London, claims he identified five compounds that he says can provide the pleasurable effects of alcohol without the pesky consequences. Nutt hopes to obtain funds for further testing soon. Bonus Question: Would you sign up to be a guinea pig? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @WaPoExpress.