In “The Best Man Holiday,” out Friday, old college friends reunite to celebrate Christmas and to see if it’s a good idea to sleep with one another. Which is just one activity that can happen in movie reunions.

‘Peggy Sue Got Married’
In this 1986 hit, Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner) faints at her high school reunion and awakens to find she’s back in high school and has to do it all again. It’s like that nightmare you keep having, only she shows up clothed to her math tests.

‘The Big Chill’
Nothing brings people together like death, as it does in this 1983 film about friends who reunite after one of their group bites it. But then they dance around while doing the dishes, so you know everything will be all right.

‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’
There’s no need to go to your own 10th-year reunion; this 1997 film proves that the horrible people will still be horrible and your own friends will be awesome. You also learn who invented Post-its.

‘Grosse Pointe Blank’
In this 1997 flick, Martin Blank (John Cusack) combines a trip to his old hometown with his professional-assassin business, possibly for the tax deductions. You can deduct bullets, right?

‘Grown Ups’
Childhood friends get back together in 2010 after the death of a basketball coach and make a lot of self-discoveries. Like, you can make a tremendously stupid movie and enough people will see it so you can reunite for a sequel three years later.