A view of the platform at Union Station Thursday. BILL TRANSUE / VIA TWITTER

Capital Bikeshare has got to be loving these Metro delays, right? Red Line commuters, however, are most definitely not. Well, at least you have Blog Log? Today, we get into Justin Bieber’s business decisions (like literal business and not “business” said real slowly with a knowing nod), the oldest living creature ever that science murdered, tricking your kids because they have tiny brains when they’re toddlers and some very sharply dressed animals. And we’re not just talking about this cat who’s clearly loving his sweater.

“At some point, ‘delays on the red line’ ceases to qualify as news.” — @TimTheViking2 tires of continued delays on the D.C. Metro’s Red Line, which have resulted in rush-hour commutes that are two or three times longer than usual. The delays got so bad Thursday that Metro’s General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles issued an apology to its riders. The image above shows the platform at Union Station around 9:15 a.m. Thursday.

“It’s like Instagram, but with half of it missing, no filters, a worse name, and the possibility of profiting Justin Bieber.” — Sam Biddle at valleywag.gawker.com critiques a new startup, an app called Shots of Me, which is designed to aid those who post a lot of selfies. When opened on a smartphone, the app automatically turns on the front-facing camera — which is the only way the camera will work on Shots of Me. Justin Bieber helped raise $1.1 million to fund the app.

“500 years old and you killed it to find out its age. How very shellfish.” — commenter Simon at dailymail.co.uk jokes about a mollusk that was found off the shore of Iceland seven years ago and determined to be 507 years old. The only problem? Scientists had to kill it by opening up its shell to calculate the mollusk’s age. We hope the lil’ guy is at peace in the big sea in the sky.

“Why do we do this? Because in the age of iPads and Netflix, we don’t want our kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination.” — Refe Tuma at medium.com talks about why he celebrates “Dinovember” every November. During this month, Tuma attempts to convince his kids that their plastic dinosaur toys come to life overnight. To do this, he says, he makes tableaus with the toys, showing the dinos creating all manner of mischief around the house (such as getting into a cereal box), which Tuma then captures in hilarious photos. Bonus Question: What’s the craziest trick you’ve ever played on your kids or your nephews and nieces?

“Some stylish looking motherfluffers!” — commenter Thao at demilked.com compliments some sharply dressed animals. Or, more accurately, sharply dressed humans, whose heads have been digitally replaced with various animal noggins. Madrid-based photographer Miguel Vallinas is the brain behind the project called “Second Skin.” Vallinas says the outfits he matched each animal with were chosen to suit each one’s perceived personality. This swan is the Rachel Berry of her pond.

We love a skirt with pockets. / COURTESY OF MIGUEL VALLINAS