The Ride Matrix

With a host of new ride-sharing and taxi services up and running, and with the Silver Line and D.C. and Arlington streetcars on the horizon, driving/biking/walking oneself around is starting to seem as outdated as a flip phone. We plotted a few of your many options by coolness and cost.


Turns Out, the Grass Is Greener in D.C.

Political blogger Andrew Sullivan, who internet-famously wrote of his misery upon moving to New York last year, announced this month that he’s giving up on the Big Apple and returning to the District. “I miss the oases of quiet and the energy of a new emerging city that is both a second Brooklyn and a global hub of media and politics,” he wrote. Chalk one up for D.C. in its perennial competition with NYC. And for the record, here’s how Washington stacks up against the “first” Brooklyn.




National Rename November Something Different Month: the movement to increase the number of alternative names for the 11th month of the year. So far, there’s NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month; NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month; SPAM, Sweet Potato Awareness Month; and Movember, during which men grow their mustaches to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Here’s to hoping Nationals’ star Bryce Harper’s brother Bryan, a minor-league baseball player, will regrow his award-winning ’stache.

We're pretty sure the yet-to-be named panda is smiling at us. NATIONAL ZOO We’re pretty sure the yet-to-be named panda is smiling at us. NATIONAL ZOO



The approximate number of votes cast the last time the National Zoo held a baby-panda-naming poll. The public chose Tai Shan, or “peaceful mountain,” for the cub born in 2005. Flash-forward to today: The Zoo’s newest giant panda cub, a girl born Aug. 23, now needs a name. The public can pick from five options at Smithsonian Magazine , so if you haven’t voted yet, hop to it! Polls are only open until Nov. 22, with the winning name to be announced when the little lady turns 100 days old — a Chinese tradition — on Dec. 1.

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