Miles Scott, dressed as Batkid, right, walks with Batman before saving a damsel in distress in San Francisco on Nov. 15. JEFF CHIU / AP

The Internet collectively fell in love with a 5-year-old superhero this weekend, and so did Blog Log. Plus, some other stuff that’s not as heartwarming, you know, like the fact that winter babies apparently have a better chance of becoming bipolar. Cue the sad trombone…

“I want the sound of #Batkid saying ‘I’m Batman!’ to be my ringtone. Or life anthem.” — @suzanneyada joins the masses on the Internet tweeting about 5-year-old Miles Scott, who enjoyed a day masquerading around San Francisco, aka “Gotham by the Bay,” as “Batkid.” The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Scott, who has fought leukemia since he was a toddler, his wish Friday with the help of more than 10,000 volunteers.

“[A]strology was right: those born in the winter season, when the moon has its longest reign in the skies, are more likely to suffer from mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.” — Elijah Wolfson at uncovers why zodiac signs seem to affect people’s health. Contrary to astrology, which, in part, points to moon cycles for evidence, science finds it’s actually the sun that’s to blame. Wolfson notes the amount of sunshine one gets can affect gene development, which can cause predisposition to certain ailments.

“Guys, if you’re not actually going to put your actors in settings where they come by that cold breath naturally, just skip it.” — Kyle Buchanan at critiques what he thinks is unnecessary use of computer-generated imagery in modern-day movies. Buchanan says this overuse detracts from the plots of these films because the unrealistic effects are so noticeable. In particular, he complains about the CGI-enhanced breath of Natalie Portman’s character in a wintry scene in “Thor: The Dark World.”

“Complete strangers attempt to grope my waist, and then have the gall to expect an apology when I don’t let them.” — Sarah Chrisman at describes her life in Port Townsend, Wash., where she and her husband live as much as they can as if it were 1895. Chrisman wears corsets, uses a wash bowl and pitcher to bath and writes with a straight pen dipped in ink. The rest of the town, she says, doesn’t get it.

“Anxiously awaiting the pilots for ‘Two and a Half Women,’ ‘CSI: Albuquerque,’ ‘The Bad Husband,’ and ‘2 Broke Dudes.’ ” — commenter FIGJAM at reacts to news that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the creators of the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” will make “How I Met Your Dad.” CBS announced on Friday that it would pick up the show, which Bays and Thomas describe as a “kindred spirit of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ telling the story from a female point of view.” Bonus question: Do you think it will be as legen — wait for it — dary as the first iteration? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @WaPoExpress.