If it can swallow a Great Dane, it can certainly swallow you. PHOTO BY JAMES CAPALDI

We’d say this is a pretty good reason to read today’s Blog Log: it might just help you avoid a snake capable of eating a you alive. So, shall we?

“It is impossible to contemplate a snake so large without wondering whether it would swallow a human.” — Jackson Landers at slate.com scares the bejesus out of the Internet with tales of the world’s largest snake species, the green anaconda, which has been increasingly spotted in the Florida Everglades. Landers says the species, which is a nonvenomous constrictor, can grow so large it can swallow a Great Dane whole. Luckily, the snakes live mostly in the water, so as long as you’re not going on long swims in the swamp, you should be all right.

“Washingtonians should neither demand nor expect a refund every time we have to wait for single tracking.” — Dan Malouff at beyonddc.com cautions Metro riders about asking for refunds. After several service disruptions last week, Metro officials decided to grant riders refunds for excessively long waits. Malouff warns, however, that Metro should use refunds wisely: No money could equal no service.

“I would think it would be hard to keep your tea in your glass — but at least scalding liquid wouldn’t be sloshing over the sides of your cup as you power-walk to work.” — Erika Rae at core77.com describes a new way to enjoy tea — by inhaling it as a vapor. The London-based Camellia’s Tea House introduced the concept at the 2013 Experimental Food Society Spectacular last week in England. Next step? Breathable wine. (Hey, we can dream.)

“Simply re-orienting solar panels could shorten the amount of time it takes for them to pay for themselves.” — Christopher Mims at qz.com debunks conventional wisdom that states solar panels that face south produce the most electricity. Mims cites new research that suggests west-facing solar panels have the most impact, generating up to 2 percent more power over the course of the day. Science!