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People who can hoist barbells loaded with hundreds of pounds can also raise lots of money. That’s the idea behind District CrossFit’s Charity Pro-Am this Saturday.

The event (10 a.m., 1525 Half St. SW; dcfproam.eventbrite.com), which will benefit the TAPS Navy Yard Relief Fund, is bringing together a half-dozen CrossFit Games athletes. They’ll demo a workout, and then coach folks — who can participate for $50 — on how they can do the same moves. Spectating is free.

“Working with other athletes, you can see where you want to go, and what you can push toward,” says Jenn Jones, above. The two-time CrossFit Games competitor and former Washingtonian is coming in from Texas to participate.

Don’t have as far to travel? There’s an Uber discount available. Other event vendors include Reebok and Rose Physical Therapy.