It sounds like an Insane Clown Posse lyric but, alas, even science is still out on what exactly makes ice slippery. Plus, Blog Log takes a look at D.C. rental prices (it wasn’t always too damn high), a new app that makes late-night binging a whole lot easier and why fleece and khakis need to both go away.

“But what makes ice so slippery in the first place?” — DeAnna Kerley at asks what sounds like a silly question until you read the next line: “Interestingly enough, scientists are still trying to figure that one out,” she writes. So far, science suggests ice’s slipperiness has to do with applied pressure, melting points and unstable water molecules. Also? Clumsiness.

“How would you like to live right off of Dupont Circle for $45 per month?” — Tom Cochran at finds an extremely well-priced listing for an apartment in D.C. There’s one catch — the listing was from 1920. Indeed, times have changed. According to a survey from Rent Jungle, the average cost of rent in the city is $1,800.

“It’s always boggled my mind why, in this day and age, if I want to [get] something at an odd hour I have to go to Google, think of the store name, go to their website, look up the hours, sometimes even call them …” — redditor whosawiddlepuppy at complains about what they admit is a “first-world problem.” Alas, there’s a solution! This week, local start-up Dotsquare LLC unveiled an iPhone app called “What’s Open Nearby?” The free app uses your location to automatically find stores that are open at odd hours when you need emergency milk, sugar or … jumbo slice.

“Chris Christie: lose the fleece. Paul Ryan: ditch the frat boy khakis. Rand Paul: find a suit that fits.” — Adele Chapin at summarizes Tim Gunn’s and writer Ada Calhoun’s first column on political fashion that was published by Politico last week. Besides the above criticism, Calhoun and Gunn, who co-hosts “Project Runway,” give kudos to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s recent fashion choices, congratulating her on ditching the “boxy, unflattering pantsuits.” Bonus question: Who do you think is the best-dressed politician? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @WaPoExpress.