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Quarrelsome co-workers don boxing gloves to slug it out on “White Collar Brawlers,” the manly new show on the manly new Esquire cable network (10 p.m. Tuesdays). This week’s premiere pits easygoing financial planner Ryan, above, against intense Andrew, also a planner. They take to the ring because of a disagreement from their roommate days plus a dislike for each other’s work habits.

As they train, the co-workers learn many things, including: Going “one two” means hit with ONE HAND, then THE OTHER HAND. This is a tough concept for Andrew to grasp.

Andrew is sure he’ll win because he’s better than Ryan in every way. He bloodies Ryan’s nose, yet Ryan triumphs in a “split decision” (unclear what that means, too lazy to Google it).

Despite the brutality of boxing, the sport is apparently a boon for white-collar workers. The discipline of training makes Ryan turn in his work on time. Andrew stops blaming his mother for, like, EVERYTHING and says the fight made him “feel amazing.”

So I guess the next time I see an annoying co-worker in the hall, I’ll jab to the head and stab to the gut. But ha ha, not you, boss!