Rob Ford swears the white on his lip is milk. GETTY IMAGES Rob Ford swears the white on his lip is milk. GETTY IMAGES

Or more appropriately, why maybe all of us find Rob Ford so dang entertaining. He does all thing things most people are too rational to do! But don’t worry. For the minority that are sick of Ford’s reincarnated Chris Farley character-come-to-life antics, you can scroll down to read items about D.C.’s Brookland neighborhood, the lack of nearby McRibs and doing weird stuff with your eyes to make yourself more photogenic. Pfft. Blog Log thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are. Even you, Rob Ford. Even you.

“For these sweet months Rob Ford has truly been Toronto’s golem: a ferocious, man-made creature, repository of the group’s worst revenge fantasies, crafted to protect the community from its bloodthirsty enemies.” — Dahlia Lithwick at explains why Canadians secretly — and sometimes not-so-secretly — love Toronto’s scandal-magnet of a mayor, Rob Ford. A Canadian herself, Lithwick says the mayor demolishes typical Canadian stereotypes by exhibiting more pure emotion over rational thought. Bonus question: OK, let’s hear it. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in public?

“I love Brookland and my neighbors, and regret that our neighborhood is getting a reputation for discord rather than all the great things it has to offer.” — blogger Shani at responds to an article in The Washington Post on Thursday that outlines the current fight over a new restaurant, Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen. The establishment has incited intense arguments over gentrification, race and economic status in the Northeast neighborhood.

“Many folks in ’Murica need to start planning lengthy pilgrimages or find someone on Craigslist willing to ship.” — blogger Andy at lists two options McRib fans in the United States might have to satisfy their cravings after McDonald’s announced Wednesday that the cult favorite sandwich will not roll out nationally this year — but only at select stores.

“idk, looks like some of them are giving us the stink eye, lol.” — commenter tonyc0101 at remains unconvinced that “squinching” in front of a camera makes one look more photogenic. The word, coined by portraitist Peter Hurley in a 15-minute how-to video this week (which is posted below in its entirety for your, um, enjoyment?), refers to making one’s eyes look more intense by lightly squinting while pinching your lower eyelid muscles. Hurley has some competition, though — Tyra Banks, above, has called this eye trick “smizing” on “America’s Next Top Model” for years.