Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys last Thanksgiving. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Watching football on Thanksgiving is as traditional as eating turkey. Test your pigskin IQ with this special holiday quiz. Answers are at the bottom.

1. Which two teams host a game every Thanksgiving?

A) Lions and Packers

B) Lions and Cowboys

C) Steelers and Cowboys

D) Raiders and Packers

2. Who has the single-game record for most rushing yards on Thanksgiving Day?

A) O.J. Simpson, Bills

B) Earl Campbell, Oilers

C) Emmitt Smith, Cowboys

D) Barry Sanders, Lions

3. Who has the single-game record for most passing yards on Thanksgiving Day?

A) Scott Mitchell, Lions

B) Troy Aikman, Cowboys

C) Warren Moon, Vikings

D) Tony Romo, Cowboys

4. How many touchdowns did Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III throw against the Cowboys last Thanksgiving?

A) 0

B) 2

C) 4

D) 5

5. Which backup quarterback stepped in for an injured Troy Aikman and threw for 311 yards to lead the Cowboys to victory over the Packers in 1994?

A) Rodney Peete

B) Bernie Kosar

C) Jason Garrett

D) Randall Cunningham

6. John Madden was the first to award a special honor to the Thanksgiving Day MVP. Many networks and announcers have tried to duplicate the magic, but none of their efforts have been as successful as Madden’s annual accolade. What was Madden’s award originally called?

A) Turkey Leg Award

B) Galloping Gobbler

C) All-Iron Award

D) The Top Turkey

7. In 2006, the NFL introduced a third Thanksgiving Day game, with no fixed opponent. Who played in that night game, which was televised on NFL Network?

A) Cardinals vs. Eagles

B) 49ers vs. Ravens

C) Titans vs. Colts

D) Chiefs vs. Broncos

8. Before last year’s victory over the Cowboys, when was the last time the Redskins played on Thanksgiving Day?

A) 2005

B) 2002

C) 1996

D) 1990

9. Aside from the Redskins, who are the other teams that won last year on Thanksgiving Day?

A) Lions and Jets

B) Ravens and Packers

C) Texans and Patriots

D) Lions and Saints

10. Which two teams have never played on Thanksgiving Day?

A) Panthers and Jaguars

B) Falcons and Saints

C) Panthers and Texans

D) Texans and Jaguars


1. B. Dallas has been playing on every Thanksgiving Day for more than 30 years, and Detroit’s tradition of playing on the holiday dates back to 1934.

2. A. Simpson rushed for 273 yards and two touchdowns, but the Bills lost to the Lions 27-14 on Nov. 25, 1976. It’s currently the sixth-highest single-game rushing total in NFL history.

3. B. On Nov. 26, 1998, Aikman threw for a career-high 455 yards against the Vikings, but it came in a losing effort as Randall Cunningham and Randy Moss led Minnesota to a 46-36 victory.

4. C. Last year, RGIII completed 19 of 27 passes for 304 yards and four touchdowns in his first NFL game in his home state of Texas. He led the Redskins to a 38-31 win over the Cowboys.

5. C. In just his second career start, Garrett (who is now the Cowboys’ coach) had more passing yards than Brett Favre in the 42-31 win over the Packers.

6. A. The Turkey Leg Award began in 1989, with Madden presenting it to the Eagles’ Reggie White. When the announcer moved from CBS to Fox in 1994, he brought the award with him.

7. D. It didn’t have quite the hype as this year’s AFC West battle between the Broncos and the Chiefs, but Kansas City’s 19-10 victory put them at 7-4 and in a second-place tie with Denver in the division.

8. B. With Steve Spurrier on the sideline and Danny Wuerffel under center, the Redskins fell to the Cowboys 27-20 on Nov. 28, 2002. The loss dropped the Redskins’ Thanksgiving Day record against Dallas to 0-6.

9. C. The Texans won a shootout against the Lions 34-31, and the Patriots blew out the Jets 49-19 in the night game.

10. A. The Panthers and the Jaguars are two of the youngest franchises and have never been scheduled for a Thanksgiving Day game. Carolina and Jacksonville both came into the league in 1995.