(Walt Disney Feature Animation) (Walt Disney Feature Animation)

In Disney’s “Frozen,” out Wednesday, there is much snow in which the easily-action-figured characters can romp. That’s because setting your film in the tundra can often be cool.

‘Mystery, Alaska’
A hockey-obsessed town that can see Russia from its house hosts the New York Rangers in an outdoor pros vs. Joes match in this 1999 comedy. It’s so cold there that whiskey is a medical necessity.

‘Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’
The ice planet Hoth makes its debut in 1980’s “Episode V.” The only thing that would make this snowy globe more dangerous would be if D.C. drivers showed up and skidded everywhere in their heroic quest for toilet paper and bread.

It’s tough to stay warm in Minnesota, where this 1996 movie takes place. So you bundle up, start a fire, maybe kill a few people, just to get the blood going.

‘A Simple Plan’
If you find a crashed plane in snow-covered woods and there’s $4 million inside, just leave it and tell the cops. Had the folks in this 1998 noirish drama done that they probably would have ended up with a nice plaque from the police department or something.

‘The Thing’
The Antarctic Tourism Board must have gone under in the wake of this 1982 Antarctic Circle-set horror film. Or they were all murdered by a shape-shifting alien. One or the other.