Bitcoin Values Just Dropped

Next time you get an offer for a new credit card, think twice before discarding it: That extra plastic just might save your life. That’s what happened to Brian Harris, whose card-packed wallet shielded his stomach from a bullet last month in D.C.’s Edgewood neighborhood, The Washington Post reported. The only bad news: The bullet destroyed his driver’s license. But even a trip to the DMV is better than an ambulance ride to the hospital.



“They tried to flush it a couple of times. But I guess he or she wasn’t having it. They can fight the current.”

— Alice Burton, Arlington County’s Animal Control Chief, describing to Arlington Patch last month how residents tried to dispose of a rat that had climbed through sewer pipes into their toilet


Regulations to Be Henforced

“The bawk stops here” sums up the feelings of Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan, who said last month that she does not support changing regulations to allow more households to raise backyard chickens, ARLnow reported. The county board cited several health and safety concerns that required further — and this is the actual word used — “eggsploration.”