This guy must be a genius. (Thinkstock) This guy must be a genius. (Thinkstock)

We’re not sure binge drinking and high IQs necessarily go hand-in-hand, but, hey, who are we to question scientific research. Pass the desk-one. It’s the only way we might ever understand R. Kelly’s quizzical wordsmithing.

“You can blame your hangover on your high IQ …” — Alice Robb at summarizes a study that suggests there may be a positive correlation between intelligence and consuming alcohol; that is, in essence, smarter people drink more.

“Tisch’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program needs to put this at the very top of the year-one lyric tutorial syllabus.” — commenter RetireWahoo at finds a list of every sexual metaphor singer R. Kelly has used over his 20-year career., which published the list, found nearly 90 words and phrases, including: “Bank account,” “baseball field,” “college grad,” “Django Unchained,” “flashlight,” “football coach,” “Italian hero sandwich,” “Jurassic Park,” “meteor showers,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “Skittles” and “yodeling.”

“After all this healthy reading I think I can treat myself to ‘10 Things Bieber Did Today.’ ” — commenter zzelladonatella at reacts to “A List of Reasons Why Our Brains Love Lists,” which, unlike what the title promises, was presented as a series of paragraphs. But, what it lacked in bullet points, it made up for in a plausible thesis: we love lists because they parse data for us, making our brains work less.

“It’s not a selfie. It’s an act of war AGAINST women.” — Rebecca Sparrow at waxes dramatic about a selfie posted by Norwegian fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen. The selfie, above, posted four days after the blogger gave birth, shows Eriksen’s toned abs. While Eriksen claims she was not attempting to cause a stir — she says every woman should be proud of their body — a slew of mommy bloggers derided her for propagating what they say is an unrealistic post-pregnancy body image.

“I found that the best way to forge friendships on the Hill was through shared adversity, and fortunately, this adversity occurs in regular intervals as established by the United States Constitution. They’re called elections.” — blogger Mr. Link at recalls how he met friends while working for a senator through four elections. His and his wife’s friends are the No. 1 reason why he will miss the D.C. area, he says. The couple is planning to move out West.