I never watched “The Good Wife” (9 p.m., Sundays, CBS) because I thought it was a boring show about a wife who was good. Now everyone says it’s the best show on TV. So I tuned in. My wife, a “Wife” devotee, was my guide. Her précis: Lawyer Alicia (Julianna Margulies, above) is wed to Mr. Big from “Sex in the City” (Chris Noth), only he’s the governor of Illinois. She just left her firm (where one partner is her ex-lover) to start a new firm. The old firm is ticked off.

This week, a dead client left a surprise will (witnessed by a “sex trade” worker) with $12 million for Alicia! And the governor’s aide is pregnant and says she’ll name her baby “Peter” … which is the governor’s name! Bonus: fart jokes!

 Me: Is it always this crazily suspenseful and zany?

Wife: Yes.

Me: I like this show! You’re a good wife for answering my questions.

Wife: You’re a good husband.

Me: I’m better than Alicia’s husband because tonight someone said he cheated on her with prostitutes. Wife: That happened before I started watching, so it’s easy to overlook.