Masters of the Universe

The Nobel Prize awards ceremony is set to take place in Stockholm on Dec. 10. While no locals will receive a medal this year, the region has been home to many past winners, including several presidents and Cabinet members who’ve scooped up the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. Yet among victors who were born or grew up here, physics reigns. Four of the region’s natives have snared the Nobel Prize in physics for their contributions to shared discoveries or inventions. So, sure, politicians might rule the world, but it’s our physicists who rule the universe.


What’s In, What’s Out



Joinerd (noun)

The Washington area is a haven for people who love joining stuff — book clubs, amateur sports leagues, you name it. Enlisting in a handful of groups to share interests and make friends is cool and all, but being a grown-up version of that kid who got on every page of the yearbook by singing up for all the clubs in school? That’s a joinerd (join + nerd): one who spends his or her free time furiously juggling a schedule over-packed with group activities. Are you one? Quick, join Joinerds Anonymous! Oh, wait …

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