Get. It. Away. From. Me. Now. (University of Florida) Get. It. Away. From. Me. Now. (University of Florida)

Finally, something we’re happy to say New York is better at than D.C. — housing freakishly freaky cockroaches. Seriously, those things freak us out …

“Unlike the roaches that New York residents have known and hated for years, this variety can survive not just indoors where it’s warm, but also outdoors in freezing temperatures.” — Rob Forman at cites a critical difference between commonly found cockroaches in the United States and a never-before-seen variety that a team of researchers at Rutgers identified in New York for the first time. Researchers say the arrival of the foreign species could be a good thing, as competition between species could result in a drop in overall cockroach numbers.

“The Porsche Design Tower features three car elevators that will take residents and their rides directly to their units, where they can park their car in a glass garage adjoined to their residences.” — Mike Riggs at describes a high-rise condo building near Miami where 22 billionaires — or about 2 percent of the world’s total — have purchased units. Prices for the tricked-out condos range from $4.2 million to $32 million.

“I tend to prefer those few fleeting hours when I can actually get work done instead of babysit millennials who are too busy posting selfies and twerking to figure out how to work the Sharepoint volumes.” — commenter Monkeyrotica at uses two-hour delays, such as the one called for by the federal government Monday, differently: He works.

“Snapchat is Instagram with a twist, Instagram is Facebook with a twist, and of course Facebook is Myspace with a twist.” — commenter Peter at reacts to an essay about startup “copycats.” Peter, however, stands up for companies that base their ideas on what others have already done. “Technology is about incrementalism,” he notes. “Altavista it and you can see for yourself.”