Bilbo Baggins prepares to enter the dragon, so to speak. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

This week’s “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” brings Bilbo Baggins to the cave of Smaug, a dragon who presumably then gets desolated. Perhaps one of his large and lizard-y movie buddies can cheer him up.

The hulking black Night Fury in 2010’s “How to Train Your Dragon” is scary, but it also turns out he likes chasing the medieval version of a laser pointer. Who’s an adorable dwagon? Who is?

This serpent and his knight, Bowen (Dennis Quaid), worked together in 1996’s “Dragonheart.” Granted, they did it to rip off towns that paid Bowen to “slay” the menacing Draco, but teamwork is always nice.

Throughout all the Shrek movies, she never got a name, but she did get a partner in Eddie Murphy’s Donkey and some weird donkey-dragon babies out of the deal.

The invisible-to-everyone-but-the-adorable-kid animated dragon in the 1977 Disney film “Pete’s Dragon” got his name in the title, but he also got to “work” with feminist icon Helen Reddy. Who’s roaring now?

In 2001’s “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” Hogwarts gamekeeper Hagrid takes special care of this very bitey monster. Unfortunately, it has to be shipped to Romania. Because of all the biting.