Do you like this streetcar's design? (Bill O'Leary / The Washington Post) Do you like this streetcar’s design? (Bill O’Leary / The Washington Post)

The weekend may have been rainy, but the Internet was as sunshine-y as ever. And by “sunshine-y,” we mean abuzz with various news stories, memes and other randomness. Which is where your Blog Log comes in. Here’s some morsels for rumination.

“Cheers to the first car … but not a fan of the design. Making it look like a bus takes [away] some of the charm.” — commenter Anon at is somewhat pleased after the first streetcars ran on H Street NE in the District over the weekend. What do you think of the project? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @WaPoExpress.

“Ask them about something positive in their life. Only after they reply should you ask them how they’re feeling about life in general.” — Eric Barker at outlines one of six science-backed tips that people can follow to make themselves more likable. Called the “two-question technique,” this method is based on research by a Nobel Prize-winning psychologist. Other tips include repeating the last three words said and asking for advice.

“Still too many calories for soda. If I’m going to drink my calories, I’ll drink alcohol.” — commenter Linda Lovelush at remains unimpressed with Coca-Cola’s latest product, Coca-Cola Life. The new cola recipe, set to hit U.S. shelves as early as next year, swaps out aspartame for a bit of sugar and zero-calorie stevia. A 20-ounce bottle is said to contain 100 calories, as opposed to the 240 calories in a regular 20-ounce Coke.

“I liked the author’s post about spam comments and am eager to read more from this author. Can you believe that I just made $500 working from home out of the comfort of my home?” — commenter destor23 at mocks the idea of spam commenters after reading an article about how Google has altered its algorithm to detect this kind of advertising. Many hope this change will eliminate the annoyance.

“In the hands of doge, every music review became that much easier to write.” — Jeremy Gordon at proclaims “Doge” one of the Top 10 music-related memes of the year. Although not restricted to music, Doge memes — which are made when someone Photoshops the head of a shiba inu dog into a video still, image or gif — seemed extra fitting for music criticism. Choppy words and phrases float around the screen representing the Doge’s inner-most thoughts. Gordon’s favorite example: “ Yeezus? ‘Wow. Such ego. Much confidence. So Nine Inch Nails.’ ”