Is “Gravity” one of the worst movie of the year? One New Yorker critic things so. (Warner Bros. Pictures / AP)

In today’s iteration Blog Log, we find what might be the most side-eye deserving end-of-year film list ever, as well as items on hot dudes with Bao Bao (can that please be a meme?), meat-handling mishaps, dogs vs. babies and, finally, massive bottles of booze. Because, well, Tuesday.

“Richard Brody must watch movies through his butt.” — commenter Dan Cooper at suggests how a film critic for The New Yorker came up with his picks for top and, er, bottom movies of 2013. Included in his “Best of” list is the near-universally panned “The Canyons,” starring Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, in his “Worst of” category sits “Gravity,” a film that was near-universally lauded. What do you think of these picks? Let us know by tweeting @WaPoExpress.

“That’s the perfect photo — one of the handsomest men alive alongside one of the cutest baby animals ever.” — commenter mensan98th at reacts to news that actor Hugh Jackman, most known for playing Wolverine in the “X-Men” movies, got to see the National Zoo’s baby giant panda cub Bao Bao during a visit over the weekend.

“Nearly two-thirds of restaurant workers who handle raw beef aren’t washing their hands afterward.” — Dana Liebelson at reveals one of eight stomach-turning facts found by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While many of the revelations had to do with safe — or, rather, unsafe — meat handling, others exposed disturbing trends about food workers coming into work sick. Bon appetit?

I want a puppy. Well, really I want a baby, but a dog will do for now.” — Blogger Kat at contemplates whether to add a pet to her household. The blogger, who’s in her mid-20s and from the D.C. area, asked several people in her life for advice, including her roommate, boyfriend, sister and dad, most of whom said go for it. She concludes, “I’m probably gonna get this puppy.”

“Its dimensions are similar to that of a small human’s: the bottle weighs about 100 pounds and is over four feet tall.” — Hillary Dixler at describes the world’s largest bottle of rosé Champagne, which was uncorked this weekend in Las Vegas. The 8-gallon bottle of Armand de Brignac Rosé Midas (not pictured) costs $275,000. According to Dixler, the price is so high because of limited production, as well as labor: Only eight people worked on the bottle, and everything was done by hand.