D.C.’s Surprising Searches

When it comes to getting around online, many of us rely on Google. But if you thought that time you Googled “what is twerking?” would fade into the ether, never to return — think again. Google knows all! The company released its highest-trending searches of 2013 this week, broken down by region, and some of the items the D.C. area Googled — and didn’t — are a bit surprising.


Homing In On Home Rule

The District’s mayoral race kicked into high gear this month, with almost a quarter of the D.C. Council and a prominent restaurateur among the candidates. Mayor Vincent Gray, long in the shadow of a federal investigation into his 2010 race, is also in the running. It feels like D.C.’s had a scandal-entangled mayor FOREVER. Doesn’t it?

THE MYTH: The District of Columbia has always had a mayor to cut ribbons, veto laws and fight with Congress over voting rights.

REALITY: Gray is only the seventh mayor since D.C. was granted “home rule” 40 years ago this Tuesday. Congress passed an act on Dec. 24, 1973, that gave the city a mayor and the 13-member D.C. Council. Before that, D.C. had several different forms of government, as locals won incremental steps toward self-governance.


69% : The amount of dinner reservations made in D.C. through an online service, such as OpenTable, according to a recent Zagat survey.

The District beat out both San Francisco and Boston, where 68 percent and 66 percent, respectively, of dinner rezzies were made online.


Painting the Town Radiant Orchid


Each December, Pantone announces the color of the coming year. After hearing that 2014’s official color was Radiant Orchid, “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink,” our noggins filled with ideas for D.C. icons that would look great in the hue.

Supreme Court justice robes: Yes, the law is a serious matter, but court proceedings shouldn’t seem like a funeral. Let’s brighten ’em up.

Joe Biden’s hair: The vice president certainly has the personality to pull off a wild look. Plus, Radiant Orchid’s cool undertones would bring out Joe’s pearly whites even more.

Bao Bao: We’d never advocate a full dip-dye for the area’s most famous zooborn, but the little lady could add a tad technicolor with some hair bows.

Capitol dome: Since it’s going to be under repair for the next two years anyway, why not make the iconic building a bit more … radiant?

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