A gumdrop ski lift operates on the frosting-covered slopes of “Gingertown,” a 5-foot-by-14-foot gingerbread city created Dec. 4 by local architects, engineers, construction companies and real estate firms to raise money for charity. The eighth annual event was hosted by David M. Schwarz Architects. (Mike Silva / For Express)


MacGyver Feels Threatened

Karen Perrin of Clinton, Md., spent eight hours locked in a D.C. office bathroom without a cellphone on a Friday night earlier this month, Fox5 reported. She shoved paper towels under the door hoping to get security’s attention and tried to set herself free by battering the lock with a chair, to no avail. The door handle eventually broke off, and she used it to chisel a hole in the wall. Perrin reached through and unlocked the door from the outside. It was not known how the door got locked.


Milk, Bread, Toilet Paper, Batteries, Not Ravens Tickets

Although the Ravens have had a better season than their D.C. counterparts, fans still had trouble unloading their unwanted tickets to the Dec. 8 game, which coincided with the region’s first sizeable winter storm. Baltimore Business Journal reported tickets on StubHub selling for as low as $4.


‘Luke, Ah Am Yer Faither’

Old Town Alexandria hosted the 43rd annual Scottish Christmas Walk this month. While most participants showed up in kilts to listen to the bagpipers, one marcher went in an unexpected direction — he came dressed up like Darth Vader, Old Town Alexandria Patch reported. He did not specify which side of King Street is the dark one.