Assuming money isn’t a problem, can you recommend some fantastic winter footwear for someone who lives in NYC and has to be able to run a mile in them on a daily basis? I’m very short and haven’t yet mastered walking/running on the balls of my feet. —Nancy

Manolo says, it is the old problem, sometimes the winter weather comes in like the lion and then stays the while, ravaging the countryside and eating the entire cities.

But, because you have to make the pitiful living as the editorial assistant and cannot spend the entire day in your 400-square-feet walk-up studio closet in East New Harlem (formerly known, before gentrification, as the 128th Street) you must go out into the weather and face the ravening snow beast during your mad dash to catch the downtown bus.

Unfortunately, while doing this, you cannot bundle up in the warmest clothing you own, the Midwestern winter parka and snow pants, because this is the New York City where you have to always look more than presentable because you never know whom you may encounter. For the example, while fleeing the cold, you dart into the Korean deli to grab the Greek-themed paper cup of hot coffee, when you collide into that junior investment banker who crewed in the heavy eights at Dartmouth.

Yes, he is obviously the bit of the jerky boy, but otherwise so dreamy.

You will need boots! Here is the Cathy from Fendi, the suede knee-high, wedge-heeled boot that will elevate the short lady of style above the slush of winter.