These 10 local celebrities are either liars, or outliers. When we asked them for their New Year’s resolutions, not one said “Lose weight” — by far the most common goal among regular Americans. “Losing 10 pounds is so pedestrian,” says journalist Cokie Roberts. “And not only that, but, you know, some of us have reached the age where we know we aren’t going to do it.”

That said, the rich and famous are probably as likely to slip up as regular folks, says Todd Kashdan, a psychology professor and motivation expert at George Mason University. “The vast majority fall off the wagon,” he says. Only 19 percent of people who make resolutions manage to keep them for two years, according to one study. We asked Kashdan to assess our celebrities’ resolutions and provide some tips to help their — and by extension, our — vows stick.

Mike-isabella-web2Mike Isabella

Former ‘Top Chef’ contestant, local restaurateur
“My life has been really crazy this past year, so I want to focus on getting my life a little more leveled out — having a better schedule, a little more travel and time away. I want to spend more time with my wife, be home at night for some dinners with her.”
Shrink says: “These are good ideas, but he needs a plan.” For instance, he could block off Wednesday nights for dinner at home with his wife, or start saving money toward a trip.

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