Happy new year! Ready to make some changes? Maybe save some money? Eat more kale? Whatever your resolution, it’s sure to have an impact on your life, because that’s what always happens in the movies.

Try New Things
Jim Carrey’s Carl, left, challenges himself to agree to everything for a full year in 2008’s “Yes Man.” If this film came out today it would feature a man who spent thousands of dollars buying Candy Crush upgrades.

Change Your Diet
Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald’s for every meal for an entire month in his 2004 documentary, “Super Size Me.” The experiment essentially turned his liver into foie gras, but he probably got some wicked Happy Meal toys.

Get More Active
In 2004’s “Shall We Dance,” Richard Gere signs up for ballroom dance lessons, lured by a hot instructor (Jennifer Lopez). He also neglects to say anything to his wife about seeing a scantily-clad JLo multiple times a week. We can’t imagine why.

Get a Better Job
Based on a true story, the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness” follows Will Smith as he moves from being homeless to being a financial super-whiz. This seems a reasonable arc for your own life to take, right?

Find Love
Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz find love by house-swapping in 2006’s “The Holiday.” While real estate is important, it probably helps that they are Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.