For 2014, I’ve resolved to become more stylish. I’m not interested in chasing trends, instead, I want to develop my own personal style to a higher level. What I’m aiming for is sophisticated-downtown -artsy. Please recommend a pair of shoes that will help me achieve this. — Audrey

Manolo says of all the many resolutions one can make to welcome the new year, from losing the weight, to stopping the smoking, this is the best, especially as the Manolo’s friend recognizes that the personal style is superior to the mere fashion. Fashion is the will o’ the wisp, here today, and tomorrow over the hill and gone. One minute you have on the latest downy puffer jacket all the girls are wearing, the next, “Ugh, that is so yesterday, Gladys.”

This is one reason why it is important to develop your own personal  style, which you will edit and update each year as needed, rotating items into your closet when they are too unfashionable, and taking them out as they begin to come back. And because you are not made of the solid gold moneys, having the personal style will be cheaper over the longer term than buying au courant outfits.

The Manolo recommends these stacked heel ankle boots in black from the Maison Martin Margiela as being super sophisticated, sufficiently downtown and credibly artsy ($895, They would be, above all else, the super fantastic addition to any personal wardrobe.