If we had to envision the San Francisco-based headquarters of Brit + Co. (, we’d imagine bursts of glitter, the smell of just-baked cookies and more adhesives than you can shake a glue stick at. Headed by the ever-creative Brit Morin, the online resource for crafty types is a hub of quick recipes, pet care and DIY projects for your home. We chatted with Morin about how she does it all.

How do you reach people who may not believe they’re creative?
It’s about making the project as easy as possible. I’m a big proponent of letting people feel like they made it, even if they took some short cuts. I think the best example is cake mix. You have to add a couple eggs and some oil, but you ultimately tell people you made the cake.

You also offer DIY kits on your site.
That was a request from readers. We got so many comments and tweets with people asking, “Where do you get that cord? I can only find it in a huge spool and I only need 6 inches.” So we thought, we’re already using these materials and sourcing them, what if we just sourced a lot of them? And the kits business was born.

You’ve been called “Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart.” How do you think you differ from the legendary queen of craft?
So many of my projects are quick and easy. I don’t know if Martha would approve of cake mixes and store-bought frosting. I think secondarily, my crafts cater to the digital generation. There are so many apps and gadgets that help you be more creative.

You share everyday projects with unexpected spins. Any faves?
I use ice-cube trays for organization in my drawers, and they’re also great as mini herb planters indoors. That’s one of my favorite challenges — taking stuff you use in one way and turning it into something completely different.

You’ve also teamed up with PetSmart Charities. Why is it important to you?
I’ve adopted pets throughout my life, so when PetSmart Charities reached out to see if I would help to promote its message that adopting pets is important, I wanted to toss my hat in to help. I believe pets do make for a happier home.

What’s the fastest and easiest way to get your pad party-ready?
I think you need a welcoming front door or porch. If you’re having people, make a statement from the beginning. It’s kind of like judging a book by its cover.

Are hand-made gifts always better than store-bought?
I believe so. There’s so much more meaning, even if it’s just a card. For years I bought my mom jewelry for Mother’s Day, and a couple years ago I made her a necklace. I never remembered her wearing the jewelry I bought, but every time I see her now she’s wearing the necklace I made.