Selfies get extreme in 2014. View more @SelfieOlymics. (Caution: some NSFW.) Selfies get extreme in 2014. View more @SelfieOlympics. (Caution: some NSFW.)

The Olympics are less than a month away. Well, the games in Sochi, Russia, that is. But the “Selfie Olympics?” Those have already commenced and chances are they might stick around for the rest of the year. Read more about what the heck we’re talking about below, as well as gain some insight on what the rest of the Internet is talking about in this edition of your daily Blog Log.

“We can finally declare the first meme of the year: Selfie Olympics aka extreme selfies aka #And1SelfieLeague, in which kids take increasingly absurd bathroom selfies.” — Jordan Sargent at describes a new trend. Gone are the days of snapping mundane selfies. Today, “Olympians” snap their selfies with a little something extra. For instance, “Bathroom or Footlocker?” asks @SelfieOlympics, one of this meme’s top promoters.

“In the TV series Revolution (series 1, episode 6) some of the source code of the Apple II version of Prince of Persia is shown.” — John Graham-Cumming at decodes the letters and numbers shown on a computer screen on the NBC drama. Besides various television programs, the new blog, which appeared on the Web this month, has a single mission: to decode source code shown on computer screens in movies and TV.

“We have that in my local mall too. We call it GameStop though.” — commenter FruitJuice617 at riffs on a story about a service some malls in China offer called “husband cloakrooms.” Not for coats, these rooms store husbands. More accurately, the “cloakrooms” are a place set aside for men shopping with their wives, where they can smoke, check their email, read a book or grab something to drink.

“Clealry [sic], Siri agrees with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that Scarlett Johansson shouldn’t be eligible for a Golden Globe for her performance in ‘Her.’ ” — Jordan Zakarin at reacts to a response from Siri after he asked the iPhone program, “Are you Her?” in reference to the recently released film “Her” that stars Scarlett Johansson as the voice of a Siri-like operating system. Siri replied to Zakarin: “No. Her portrayal of an intelligent agent is beyond artificial.” Ouch.

“As far as I can tell, this is the first example of a brick and mortar business run by children to accept bitcoin.” — Max Cherney at helps publicize a very 21st-century coffee shop in San Francisco. Run by two Girl Scouts, Mia and Taylor, the pop-up stand sells coffee along with cookies for $1 each. But unlike most shops, the girls accept both cash and Bitcoin, an unregulated “cryptocurrency” that’s soared in value over the past few months.