What is, sexiest game show host alive? (Getty Images) Trebek probably makes it a Daily Triple. (Getty Images)

We’ve had a crush on Alex Trebek for year now — even after he shaved his beautiful salt-and-pepper ‘stache. So, we were psyched to see him grace a post of one local blogger. Plus, Blog Log found a whole bunch of other cool stuff on the Web, too. Example: DRAGONS! Read on:

“He came up looked directly at me and said, ‘Heeeyyyy, Deborah’ a la Barry White. I cracked up and responded, ‘Heeeyyyy Alex’ in the same tone.” — Blogger Deborah at idrankwhat-dc.blogspot.com recalls an off-camera scene from her stint as a contestant on Jeopardy last year. She said that after she laughed when host Alex Trebek introduced the category “The Sexiest Potpourri Ever” in a put-on deep voice, the host came up to her during a commercial break and reprised the voice.

“This almost, *almost* makes me want to spawn a young human. Almost.” — commenter lethekk at jezebel.com reacts to a story that went viral this week about a 7-year-old Australian girl, who asked the country’s national science agency to create a dragon for her. She included a drawing (not shown) depicting herself with her imagined dragon and added, in cute-kid handwriting, “I would call it toothless if it was a girl. And if it is a boy I would name it Stuart.” The agency answered in kind, but said unfortunately, they do not yet have the technology to manufacture a dragon.

“And you know what else Nebraska will get, Mr. Sasse? No U.S. Senators!” — Mike Licht at notionscapital.wordpress.com describes a side effect of living in the nation’s capital to Republican Senate candidate Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who has campaigned on moving the Capitol to the Cornhusker State to curb Washington corruption. Did he just preemptively fire himself?

“It’s pretty normal, then you scroll down to ‘Means of clandestine disposal’ and you get the warning ‘This section may contain original research.’ ” — redditor Sarded at reddit.com responds to the question, “What is the creepiest Wikipedia page?” This redditor’s answer? The page for “Disposal of human corpses.” Yikes.

“Will it keep on charging my credit card if I don’t return the burrito?” — commenter Nick Funke at vice.com jokes about a couple of new vending machines in Los Angeles that dispense burritos. Called BurritoBox, the machines were developed by the same company that created the RedBox movie dispensers. And reportedly, the BurritoBox vittles taste like “Transformers 3.” That is to say, they’re awful.