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With ‘Ex-plosion,’ ‘Real World’ swirls its formula

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Alas, the exes were absent on last night’s premiere. They won’t arrive until the fourth episode.

What do the housemates do in the meantime? West Virginian Ashley, left, eschews underpants, judging by the black rectangle of censorship shielding her nether region whilst she twerks. She also flicks frying pan grease on the face of model and self-proclaimed lesbian Arielle! Kansas City gal Jenny, resplendent in 17 layers of scarlet lipstick, is followed home by a random guy: “I don’t know who this guy is!” She wants him to know “it’s not going to happen,” so of course she invites him into a hot tub and tells him she can make cocoa with her feet. Later Jenny and housemate Cory don bear suits and check off on their bucket list “have sex while wearing a bear suit.”

The moral of the premiere: You don’t need exes to have “Real World” ex-plosions.