I have been lusting after Robert Clergerie shoes, but have some misgivings.
A. They’re so expensive.
B. They often look so high I might die wearing them (and then I won’t be able to work to pay for them!)
C. If I do buy them and don’t trip, I’ll look like a female Frankenstein’s monster with huge feet. What do you recommend? I’d like some basic black ones for an upcoming Puerto Rico trip.  
— Carol

Manolo says,with the right shoes you are the beautiful and stylish Grace Kelly, awaiting the arrival of her Prince Moderately Charming, the hereditary ruler of the minor Mediterranean tax haven.  With the wrong shoes, however, you are the Emmett Kelly, the sad-faced circus clown who sweeps up after the elephants at the end of the show.

And this is why it is so important to develop the personal style, one that is appropriate to your shape and situation. Having the sense of your own style will help you make decisions about what you can and cannot wear.
Happily, the shoes of the Robert Clergerie are made for women who have their own style, they are distinctive without being annoying.

Here is the Ekora ($525,, the handsome platform sandal available in the black and white mix. The Manolo thinks they are perfect for visiting the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.