Peace of Find
Anyone who’s lost luggage on vacation knows it can ruin a trip. (Having nothing but flight-over sweats to wear in Paris, not chic.) Trakdot ($90 plus $13 annual fee, makes sure your stuff never goes missing via a gadget with GPS technology. Simply put the  tiny thing in a checked bag, then, upon landing, the nearest cellular network will alert you of  your luggage’s location via text message.

Squeeze of the Subcontinent
Sriracha rooster, watch your feathery back. Bandar sauce, a monkey-decked line of spicy, salty chutneys ($4 each, bandarfoods .com), also adds a cross-cultural kick to soups, burgers or curries. Based on traditional Indian recipes, they’re sold in easy-to-squeeze bottles, the better to appeal to ketchup-loving Americans.

Feline, Unwind
want to make mister whiskers lounge happily but look, well, ridiculous? The Cat Crib, ($29,, a sort of feline hammock, straps to the base of tables or chairs, giving your pet a napping perch/hiding spot to get away from the new Christmas puppy. Whether you bring kitty a catnip drink with an umbrella in it is totally up to you.

A Stripe Force


Steven Alan, best known for his cool-kid, preppy clothing, is now dabbling in the home decor biz via a new collaboration with West Elm (sold in stores and at Using his trademark stripes and color blocking plus the help of Indian, Haitian and Nicaraguan fair-trade artists, Alan created a collection of crisp pieces. Options include earth-toned ceramic vases in multiple sizes (shown, $24-59), papier-mache tables ($299) and stripe duvet covers ($149-$169) in color combos like orange on white or blue and yellow.

Toeing the Line
Italian wool suit? Check. Brushed leather satchel? Check. Woven silk skinny tie? It’s all in the details. That’s why D.C.-born Penance Hall’s new line of luxury dress socks should also suit such discerning gents (currently $20 a pair via a Kickstarter program on; $35 thereafter). Crafted in the U.S. from a breathable, super-soft North Carolina wool, the toe-toppers boast no-droop, wicking construction as well as sly, striped style.