Bargain guru Daisy Lewellyn never met a marked-down Fendi bag she didn’t like. She wrote “Never Pay Retail Again” ($10, Simon & Schuster) and makes frequent appearances on TV shows like “Today.” She’s one of six African-American working women on Bravo’s new reality show, “Blood, Sweat & Heels” (9 p.m. Sun). The series tracks them as they try to succeed in their careers and love.

You live in Brooklyn. Is it as vibrant as people say?
Brooklyn is the new Manhattan! I remember there was an episode of  “Sex and the City” when Miranda was talking about moving there, and everyone was aghast. But now Brooklyn is a hub of creativity. It’s inspiring to sit in a coffee shop and spy on people to hear about their projects.

You host a popular eat and chat event there, Brooklyn Brunches, which is featured on “Blood, Sweat & Heels.” What’s it like?
It’s basically a gathering I do for my friends the first Saturday of every month. We have bottomless mimosas and conversations on juicy topics.

Why has brunch turned into the best way to hang out with your girlfriends?
Brunch is the new black! It’s not as stressful as dinner. And most people’s favorite things to do are eat, drink and talk.

Why’d you decide to be on a reality show?
When I heard “Blood, Sweat & Heels” was  going to focus on women and their careers in fashion, real estate and media, I thought, “Bingo!” I work in fashion, and I wanted to show it’s not all Champagne days and Louboutin nights. We actually work.

What can we expect as the season rolls on?
It’s kind of an emotional roller coaster. It gets tougher. You see a progression of friendships, and challenges we have with men.

You’re a self-proclaimed bargainista. What are some of your secrets?
One thing, which involves zero money, is to gather your friends and do a style swap. You have everyone bring three to five items, and you swap. I landed a Chloe bag the last time I did one!

On the show, you spend a lot of time going to parties. Any tips on dressing for them?
Figure out what kind of party it is and what time it’s starting and ending. That’ll give you clues. And look at the invitation and see where it is — you don’t want to wear stilettos at a garden wedding and sink in the mud.

What’s your go-to party outfit?
I go with a LCD — a little colored dress, say magenta or emerald. Those colors photograph well. And also think about what you look like from the neck up. That’s what most people notice, so think about your necklace. Jennifer Barger (express)