It’s your one-stop e-shop for all the news that’s not fit to print. Luckily, it’s fit to blog, which is where Blog Log comes in. We wade through the ether to curate a list of curious topics that can jazz up any office water-cooler conversation.

“Americans drink less than half a bottle of Scotch per person per year.” — Roberto A. Ferdman at rattles off a statistic that might anger Ron Burgundy, the main character in the “Anchorman” movies who loves his “Scotchy Scotch Scotch.” As it turns out, Singapore tops the rankings of biggest Scotch consumers with more than 12 bottles per year per capita, followed by Latvia, with roughly seven bottles, and Panama with more than three.

“Being a 7th grader at Arundel Middle School, I barely could stand straight standing at the bus stop.” — commenter Joey C. at describes his experience on Friday morning, when he was attempting to get to school on time amid freezing rain. Joey reports that several students slipped and fell. The superintendent of Maryland’s Anne Arundel County schools later admitted the system “made the wrong call” in not allowing for a later school start that day and vowed to investigate the process that leads to weather-related school-closing decisions.

“I’m pretty sure that if you select ‘Other,’ the FSB shows up at your door to whisk you off to a gulag.” — Tom Ley at analyzes a recent poll posted on, the official website of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia. Of the five choices offered as answers to “Are you looking forward to the Olympic Games?” four were along the lines of, “Yes, I’m looking forward to them!” Then there was the last choice: “Other,” which ended up winning the poll with 69 percent of responses. Hmm …

“In his defense, he probably has to shake hands multiple times while eating a meal in public. I wouldn’t want to touch my pizza after that either.” — commenter Porkilton Nolan at sticks up for newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after he was caught on camera Friday eating a slice of pizza with a fork and knife. Several writers and bloggers dogged the mayor for his methods, noting pizza in New York City should be eaten with the hands only. One writer for New York magazine went called de Blasio’s fork method a “disaster.”