OK, we’ll admit it. The Backstreet Boys, shown here in last September, are still kind of cute. At the very least, they certainly still know how to color-coordinate their outfits. (Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Why surf the web yourself when Blog Log will find it for you? OK, there are still plenty of reasons to procrastinate on the Internet all on your own, but, hey, this round-up of all things click-worthy is a pretty good place to start.

“Is it weird to say that you like the Backstreet Boys for their music? Because I do. At their concert that night, I remember songs I had forgotten existed. I do not scream — I think I’ve grown out of it — but I sing and dance and smile.” — Torie Bosch at buzzfeed.com recounts her experience of watching ’90s boy band the Backstreet Boys perform on a Backstreet Boys-themed cruise. The three-day cruise, which happened in October, featured all five Backstreet Boys and attracted more than 2,000 fans from all over the world. In other news, the Backstreet Boys still have fans!

“Still the worst TV show ever created.” — @Phil_Mattingly, BloombergTV’s White House correspondent, reacts to a New York Times article on Monday about a recent study that shows the MTV show “16 and Pregnant” and its spinoff “Teen Mom” may have prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers in 2010, or by roughly 6 percent. What do you think of the show and the statistics? Let us know by tweeting @WaPoExpress or commenting below.

“What is my next step towards finding my ideal job? Telling my professor I don’t want to be like him…” — the blogger at demythify.com derides what he or she believes to be an outdated attitude in the world of academia — that becoming a research professor should be the goal of every science Ph.D. student. The blogger thinks that is unrealistic, considering the current job market.

“Not exactly ‘sneaky,’ but I typed up a will for a guy who left $100k to his secretary. Don’t imagine his wife will be too thrilled to discover that little clause.” — redditor Oceanmyst at reddit.com responds to an open thread asking lawyers, “What is the sneakiest clause you’ve ever found in a contract?”

“Scientist claims that your cat thinks you’re an overgrown, clumsy idiot of a cat” — Scott Kaufman at rawstory.com lays out the basics in the title of his article about new research into cat behavior. A British biologist — who has studied cat behavior for 30 years! — says house cats believe their owners are the same species as them, just larger, and not as talented. Makes sense. When’s the last time you caught a rodent with your bare paws, er, hands?