The misguided ad. (Photo courtesy of @rebrub via Twitter.) The misguided ad. (Photo courtesy of @rebrub via Twitter.)

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“Takeaway: Always check your stock images, kiddos.” — Clinton Yates at advises marketers to keep a close eye on the images they use in advertisements after word spread on social media about the Giant grocery store in Shaw, which used a white woman in an ad to represent a Howard University student. The problem: the students at Howard are overwhelmingly African-American. Giant has since apologized, calling the photo an “oversight.”

“If this quarterbacking thing doesn’t work for him, I see a bright future for Bob Griffin as an English teacher.” — commenter FilthFlarnFilth at reacts to an article about a recent note Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III posted on Facebook. In the note, Griffin complained about the non-football-related criticism he received amid a dismal season. He takes specific issue with those who have a problem with his signature sleeve, his product endorsements and the media attention he gets, which the QB says he does not want. He ends on a high note, however, writing “HTTR!!!”

“TL;DR – I AM A TV SHOW HOST!” — Eric Schulze at gets straight to the point in announcing his latest gig. He’ll be hosting a Web series called “Ask Smithsonian,” which answers common questions about science for non-scientists — or scientists if they just want to be entertained. The first episode, which came out Tuesday, is called “Is Quicksand Real?” You’ll have to click here to find out.

“Here I am, standing in the mold-covered lobby of a long-abandoned honeymoon resort in the Poconos, with an assault rifle — more than one, actually — pointed directly at me.” — Pablo Maurer at describes the scene shortly before he and his fellow photographer friend got arrested and cited for trespassing while exploring the Summit Resort in Tannersville, Pa. The two were able to explain their mission — to take photos of abandoned places, and not steal copper wiring — and were set free.

“Honoring the italian descent of ‘Espresso’, I would favor the plural ‘Espressi’. ” — commenter Thunderbyte at ignores the thesis of an article about new research that suggests the consumption of two espressos a day can enhance the drinker’s long-term memory. Oh, we’re sorry, we meant two “espresso.”