Ladies and gentleman: This is where the the Winter — yes, WINTER — Olympics are set. Things are going to go swell in Sochi, Russia. (Harry Engels/Getty Images)

When the 2014 Winter Olympics were awarded to Russia, and specifically, Sochi, Russia, where temperatures commonly remain in the 60s throughout the entire winter, the first thought that came to mind was, “What could possibly go wrong?” Blog Log has the answer, as well as thoughts on other chatter around the Web. Enjoy!

“With palm trees lining a promenade bathed in soft sunlight, it is easy to imagine that you are strolling along a beach on the Cote D’Azur.” — Malcolm Folley at describes the setting for this year’s Winter Olympics. Sochi, Russia, a city known more for its subtropical climate will host the games starting Feb. 7. While natural snow is unlikely to fall in Russia’s warmest region, Folley says the Russians have a plan: “Incredibly, vast warehouses have stored up 450,000 cubic metres of snow from last year.” This gives new meaning to the term “snow bank,” eh?

“The fact that so many of these places serve BBQ on nachos makes me think your readers may not really understand what nachos are all about.” — commenter theoneontheleft at critiques a list of the D.C. area’s best plates of nachos, according to readers of the food blog Eater. Out of the 16 places on the list, five serve BBQ-flavored nachos: Alexandria’s Southside 815, Arlington’s Red Hot & Blue, D.C.’s Smoke & Barrel and American Ice Company, and Andrew Evans BBQ Joint in Easton, Md. What do you think about BBQ on nachos? Tweet us @WaPoExpress or comment below.

“Much like crack cocaine, the charm of narcissists produces an intense but short-lived high.” — Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic at uses a rather interesting simile to describe what it’s like to encounter a narcissist. Chamorro-Premuzic writes that most narcissists come off as charming and charismatic upon first impression. However, research says that initial charm wears off after just 21/2 hours, morphing instead into characteristics that are much more negative. Yep, that charm is actually deluded self-admiration, defensive arrogance and moral disengagement. Yikes.

“As with so much else in the English language, William Shakespeare gets the credit.” — Lakshmi Gandhi at uncovers the origin of the slang word “crib” that’s used today to define a house or apartment. Gandhi cites the Oxford English Dictionary, which notes “crib” was used for the first time in Shakespeare’s “Henry VI, Part 1,” written in 1597, to mean “a small dwelling.” Clearly, if “MTV Cribs” is its latest iteration, the word has been pimped since then.

“I love the look on Ryan’s face. He’s like: ‘How did they know?!?’ ” — commenter SmedlyButler at reacts to Rep. Paul Ryan reading a mean tweet about himself. Ryan read the tweet — “Paul Ryan has such pretty blue eyes, sometimes it’s easy to forget he’s Satan incarnate” — in a new comedy project by NowThisNews called “DC Mean Tweets,” in which members of Congress recite negative tweets about themselves on camera. So far, there are three videos with tweets about and read by Ryan, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. David Vitter, Sen. Claire McCaskill and more.